Reviews For The Heirloom Audio Production Of G.A. Henty's ... Under Drake's Flag

"My own family loved this story about the great English explorer, Sir Francis Drake, and I know you will too. The quality of the production and the life lessons are nothing short of amazing."—

Kirk Cameron

"Quite frankly, it's phenomenal. It blends history, action, and romance into a gripping story that has the effect on the imagination of watching an epic blockbuster." —
Brian Godawa, Hollywood screenwriter, To End All Wars; Author of Chronicles of the Nephilim

"Being familiar with the work of G.A. Henty, when I learned of this project I was compelled to order immediately! We listened together as a family and my expectations were blown away. This stirring adventure creatively draws out of children and grown-ups alike the greatness for which we were created! "—— Jeremy Brakenhoff, President and CEO of

"Dramatic and artistic excellence continues to rise! Under Drakes Flag has all of the dramatic and moral themes that will capture the heart and imagination of every child and adult. In a day when the imagination has been replaced by Hollywood's distortions, this is a story that will be used as tool for awakening the heart and the mind."—
Mark Hamby, Founder and Executive producer for Lamplighter Theatre

Under Drake's Flag is exciting and wonderfully produced!"—
Katie Leigh – Voice of Connie Kendall from Adventures in Odyssey, also featured in Despicable Me and Babe: In The City.

"...Surpassed by far all of my expectations..."

Colin Gunn, Producer of Indoctrination

"Wow! I haven't been this excited since the beginning of Adventures in Odyssey. What an incredible, incredible show that was! I'm telling you guys, if you don't have huge success with this I will be so surprised. What adventure! What excitement! What intrigue! Great acting... great production, what a masterpiece... I am very excited about this production and I hope lots and lots of kids and adults all over the world get a chance to hear this. It's not only educational but it's entertaining... "—Chris Anthony, Adventures In Odyssey

"He was a man who constantly lived life with unwavering Christian character and conviction."— Michael Turner, Author of In Drakes Wake

"A great family activity since each chapter is short enough for a single listening session."— Cathy Duffy, Curriculum Specialist,

"I have to say I was beyond impressed! The cast of voice actors, to include the instantly recognizable voice of Brian Blessed, and the production team did a stellar job of bringing an excellent book to life. The extraordinary quality is immediately apparent between the sound effects, the music to the script and cast... I could easily imagine I was on a ship in the midst of a naval battle or sailing across the ocean."— Sean Fullan

"Utterly Magnificent! My only regret is that it came to an end."

Andrea Schwartz, Director of the Chalcedon Teacher Training Institute

"...grand slam of a production! ... full of action, adventure and drama... powerful morals of honor, chivalry, and reliance on God."—J.D. Sutter, Audio Theatre Central

"Brilliant. Adventurous. Action-packed. Meaningful. A MUST HAVE!"—Beecher Proch, Marketing and Development at Lamplighter Publishing; Co-Founder of Broch Productions

"Under Drake's Flag immediately draws the listener into the story, and keeps them entertained and engaged through the end. Beyond the history, the story of ebb and flow of friendship through obstacles and adversaries is a lesson that makes the tale more endearing."—Jody Halsted

"Very nice! I am enjoying Under Drake's Flag. I put it on because I was falling asleep (while on a road trip) and I haven't dozed since turning it on! I can't wait to finish it. It is really my first real audio drama but I am a believer now!"—Aaron Covington

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