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From Bill Heid

Executive Producer, The Extraordinary Adventures Of G.A. Henty. 

The Prayer of Sir Francis Drake

Disturb us, Lord, when
We are too pleased with ourselves,
When our dreams have come true
Because we dreamed too little,
When we arrived safely
Because we sailed too close to the shore.

Disturb us, Lord, when
with the abundance of things we possess
We have lost our thirst
For the waters of life;
Having fallen in love with life,
We have ceased to dream of eternity
And in our efforts to build a new earth,
We have allowed our vision
Of the new Heaven to dim.

Disturb us, Lord, to dare more boldly,
To venture on wilder seas
Where storms will show Your mastery;
Where losing sight of land,
We shall find the stars.

We ask you to push back
The horizons of our hopes;
And to push back the future
In strength, courage, hope, and love.

This we ask in the name of our Captain,
Who is Jesus Christ.

Under Drakes Flag

Rave Reviews For "​Under Drakes Flag" 

"... We really enjoyed getting to know Heirloom Audio Productions and Under Drake’s Flag. We listened to it in the car on a road trip. And then, when we got home, E wanted to get it out again and listen to it once more. This one will stick around with us for a while. ​"

 "... The new App even has an interactive way to use the study guide and script. It includes the Thinking Questions and Defining Words portions for each chapter along with a quiz. You can also follow along in the audio drama script, not the e-book, through a nice pop-up window. This is especially great for those who struggle with auditory only learning. Still, the audio dramas are so encompassing, that you almost don't even realize there is not a visual component."

"... My family and I love audio books! We love to listen to them while: I am multitasking, we have a long drive ahead of us, or there is cruddy weather and we are stuck inside. My family usually enjoys them better if they are fun and adventuresome. I believe they are better than movies because audio books require more imagination which is great for growing minds."

"... I love the music and sound effects that accompany this program. The music that is used on the CDs is adventurous and is also by itself in soundtrack form as Listen Online and MP3 downloads. It is an original score by Emmy-winning composer John Campbell (of Narnia). The Foley sound effects make you feel like you are right there with the characters and immerses you more into what's happening."

"... ​Overall, we were impressed with the quality of the audio, and the adaptation of the story. If your children (or you) enjoy a swashbuckling good story, grab you family a copy of Under Drake's Flag today. Your next car ride can be an adventure you'll all enjoy! Home Sweet Life

​Under Drakes Flag

Designed For Kids 6-16

But Loved By Listeners Of All Ages

  • Kids love the exciting stories and engaging characters
  • Teens love the non-stop action and epic adventures
  • Parents love the biblical and moral values
  • Grandparents love the history and eternal truths
  • Why Purchase ​Under Drakes Flag

    • 2-CD "Active Listening" Audio Adventure captivates children's imagination!
    • Turns travel time into fun, exciting "Adventure Time"
    • An exciting new way of learning history
    • Teaches strong moral values like daring, determination and duty
    • Wholesome Entertainment For Families

    ​Here's What Under Drake's Flag

     ​Listeners  Are Saying:  

    Do you love History? Do you love a good adventure? Do you love audio drama? If so, you are in for a treat!
    Heirloom Audio Productions presents Under Drake's Flag, from The Extraordinary Adventures of G.A. Henty. History, adventure, danger, and chivalry are combined for an exciting audio drama in this daring and romantic adventure on the high seas.
    Set in 1572, at the height of the Spanish Inquisition, the story centers around Ned Hawkshaw, a boy on the verge of manhood and on a quest for courage. We listen as he sets sail with the famous and honorable sea captain, Sir Francis Drake, finds adventure, and grows into a man." Delightful Learning

    "... Heirloom Audio Productions created an audio drama based on a G.A. Henty novel, Under Drake’s Flag. Glenn Beck says it is phenomenal. I agree. The actors know how to make the characters sound authentic. Their British accent adds a touch of professionalism and authenticity, as well." Homeschool Ways

    "... Our latest review is a perfect fit with our family. Heirloom Audio Productions has made an amazing dramatic audio production of G.A. Henty’s title Under Drake’s Flag.This audio presentation is much more than an audio book. It is much more than the audio dramas of old we enjoy listening to. The cast are top-notch. The production team members are experienced – having been involved in many of our favorites for our “Listening Lunches”. The effects are amazing and what blows this version out of the water. The praise from my more visual children – “It’s like a movie!” Despite not having anything to view, they were just as enrapt as though watching a movie. A few of my children are audio learners; they were equally excited – I expected their high praise. We’ve listened numerous times." Walking Fruitfully

    "... This was also the first time that every single member of our family listened to an entire production including our youngest member... this one kept her captivated and interested right along with her siblings. It truly made our road trip fly by. The CD says that this is for ages 6 and up, but I really think this particular production could be listened to with younger siblings pretty 'safely' and easily."

    "... I put it in the CD player the moment we got in the car and within a couple of seconds I knew it was a hit. There was no arguing or 'stop touching me' for the whole journey. I can't say it was silent though there were plenty of... 'Oh No!', 'What's going to happen now!' plus a few other excited shouts. We had to stop the CD when I dropped my older two off at their piano lessons, they were very concerned that Captain America and I would continue to listen to it without them. As soon as I picked them up they all shouted "Start it again Mom!" and we listened all the way home. It ended just as we pulled in our driveway (perfect timing). Captain America shouted as soon as it finished "I want to listen to it again!" Chickens, Bunnies and Homeschool

    "... This is the best audio drama our family has heard - and we listen to a lot! I bought 4 and gave three away - I'll do the same for every single set that is released by Heirloom Audio. Quality family entertainment/learning!"

    "... ​We listened to the first disc of the recording one evening instead of watching the television.  That’s the beauty of a radio drama…it has all the audio qualities of a great TV show or movie without the visual component.  That enables the listener to imagine their own visual and each listener will have a slightly different picture on their mind.  The other portion of the recording was begun on a recent RV trip when we were ‘off grid’ and needed to minimize electrical use.  I found it a wonderful way to spend time in the dry RV with a cold rain outside." Day By Day

    "... Heirloom productions are always of the absolute highest quality with top-notch actors and actresses… There is never any question about quality! The music, production quality, and voice acting draw you in and keep you in the story throughout the entire production."

    "... ​Get ready for a swashbuckling adventure on the high seas! Members of the Schoolhouse Review Crew recently had the opportunity to review the audio drama, Under Drake’s Flag from Heirloom Audio Productions. Based on the novel by G.A. Henty, the exciting, fast-paced dramatization comes in a two-CD set providing two hours of entertainment for ages." Review Crew

    "... ​Over the last year and a half I have come to appreciate audio books more and more. I spend a good amount of time driving the girls here and there and during gymnastics meet season we are always on the go.  A few weeks ago we were asked to review a new audio drama from Heirloom Audio Productions called Under Drake's Flag. I was so excited when it arrived in the mail.So, what’s the bottom line?! We love this CD and the values that are represented. I would recommend this product to any and all looking to add a bit of family friendly audio / radio drama into there homes. The girls and I are especially excited to hear that another installment from Heirloom Audio Productions​.​" Carla

    "... ​We love all books, especially audio books. One of our favorite authors is G.A Henty, my goal is to read or listen to all his books with my kids. So when we had the opportunity to review Under Drakes Flag from Heirloom Audio Productions I was really excited. When I was little we used to listen to a lot of BBC radio productions. They are excellent to listen to while driving (or doing anything really - they make house cleaning almost fun). My kids love audio books but especially dramatized productions.
    Under Drake's Flag is the perfect story, full of action, adventure, and honorable heroes. Just the kind of story that my boys love, mind you Boo loved it too." Happy Mom

    "...!"With fantastic dialogue, music, and sound effects, Under Drake's Flag takes audio drama to a new level. The fast moving story and powerful sound effects right from the start kept my little listeners captivated and their imaginations going wild with colorful scenes of the high seas, shark attacks, sea battles, and shipwrecks.

    ​We really enjoy listening to audio drama, and if you do too, you and your children are sure to enjoy Under Drake's Flag. Kate

    "...Under Drake's Flag is not all non-stop adventure.  There is humor as well.  Older children and adults will will most likely "get" the funny parts.  Biblical morals and scripture are an integral a part of the story.  

         I appreciated the great vocabulary in the story.  I always love for my children to hear different vocabulary words used in a story in such a way that the definition is understood in context. (Vocabulary is also covered in the included study guide.)

    Favorite Quotes from the production:

    "There is no stronger wind in a man's sail."  

     (Speaking of God's power, protection, and presence.)

    "If we're not men of honor we're not men at all."

    "Perhaps God himself is trusting you with this trial."

    My favorite part of the entire CD is reading/hearing the prayer of Sir Francis Drake:
    "Disturb us,Lord, when we are too well pleased with ourselves...When we arrived safely because we sailed too close to the shore..."  Donna

    "... ​From an artistic view, this production is very well done.  The actors chosen for the recording are among some of Britain's best. They have provided a very good show, down to the use of accents and dialect - you can hear the class differences between the educated leader Drake and the rough crew, as well as feminine Doña Ana's breathy and accented English compared to the more fierce and guttural tone of Kinte and his men.  The music is a perfect example of beautiful composition: it plays a forefront role in providing the listener with the emotion and his imagination with the setting.  The sound quality is even throughout the program; though the music swells and quiets throughout the volume remains constant.  It's perfect for listening to in the car - you're not constantly fiddling with the radio to change the volume or skipping back because you missed something." Meg

    Rave Reviews For Under Drakes Flag


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