As you and your child listen to Under Drake’s Flag, use the included Study Guide to help your child understand the storyline and the principles it teaches. you can also use it as a series of written assignments.

The Extraordinary Adventures of G.A. Henty®


Each set of questions has three parts, Listening Well, Thinking Further, and Defining Words.

The Listening Well questions ask your child what he has heard or what he remembers. Some of the questions are easier than others, but you can find the answers to all of them simply by listening to the story once or twice more.

The Thinking Further questions ask your child to think a bit—to look up something mentioned in the story, to draw conclusions from the characters’ actions, or to speculate about the intentions, mindset, and character of Ned, Gerald, and Captain drake. Here you can ask follow up questions to stir up your child’s thinking and increase his understanding of the story.

The Defining Words section gives your child an opportunity to enhance his vocabulary and understanding of the story. He may need to use a dictionary for many of the words.

At the end of the Study Guide there are three brief Bible studies that will help you and your child come to a clearer understanding of godly character. These studies are designed help you and your family understand the story and its heroes better.

You'll also find a short biography of Sir Francis Drake, a bibliography, and a recommended reading list for parents and older children who want to discover more about Sir Francis Drake.